uggs kids FX Options Board

rosa ugg boots FX Options Board

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Now more than ever you can combine the benefits of online FX trading including streaming liquidity, leverage and access to the largest globally traded market with the added flexibility that Forex Options bring to trade any market movement.

All the most liquid FX Options right before your eyes

The FX Options Board puts everything you need right before your eyes, showing you a series of standard maturity dates and strike prices that make it easier and more intuitive to navigate the most liquid Forex Options.

Standardised dates mean deeper liquidity and competitive, reliable pricing.

Make your strategy come to life

Simply scroll up and down the strikes and across the maturities to select the Forex Option you wish to trade. Find your next trading strategy effortlessly either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Other strikes and maturities remain available to you with streaming liquidity through the Forex Options trade ticket on the platform.

Saxo Bank’s award winning Forex Options prices are consistently delivered to you in an intelligent and dynamic way. explore the many new features by pointing at the magnifier icons and discover why this board is designed for the art of trading.

Strike: The at the money strike is automatically highlighted and the Board can be re centred to the most active strikes with a single click.

Delta: Measure of sensitivity of the value of the option to movements in the spot rate useful as an indicator of the probability the option will be exercised at expiry.
uggs kids FX Options Board