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ugg damenstiefel FX Options Analytics
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25 delta risk reversals show the difference in volatility, and therefore price, between puts and calls on the most liquid out of the money (OTM) options quoted on the OTC market.

Positive values indicate calls being more expensive than puts (upside protection on the underlying forex spot is relatively more expensive), while negative values indicate puts are more expensive than calls (downside protection is relatively more expensive).

Significant changes can indicate a change in market expectations for the future direction in the underlying Forex Spot rate.

Positions of significant size in the forex options market can have an influence on the underlying forex spot rate.

FX Options strikes in large notional amounts, when close to the current spot level, can have a magnetic effect on spot prices. That is, spot may trend around those strikes as the holders of the options will aggressively hedge the underlying delta.

The Market Pin Risk report shows large options expiring in the next 5 days that Saxo have observed on the OTC Forex Options market. Red strikes indicate sizeable open interest close to the current forex spot rate.

These charts show one month historic volatility versus the one month at the money volatility quoted by the market for option prices. Risk Reversal vs. Spot: Risk reversals show the relative price difference between puts (downside expectation) and calls (upside expectation).

This chart illustrates the historic relationship between one month 25 delta risk reversals versus the underlying spot rate. Saxo Bank Group assume no liability for any loss arising from any investment based on a recommendation, forecast or other information supplied by any employee of Saxo Bank Group, third party,
ugg damenstiefel FX Options Analytics
or otherwise.